6 Drinks That Melt Belly Fat, Says Dietitian

Green tea

Green tea is often thought of as being the "healthiest" type of tea due to the thousands of studies that extol its health benefits. 

Black tea

The type and amount of catechin polyphenols vary based on the type of tea, but studies suggest black tea may help with weight loss and maintenance.


It combines the health benefits of tea, plus the additional health bonuses associated with probiotics, which includes improving the gut microbiome. 

Black coffee

Coffee is a healthful beverage that delivers tremendous amounts of beneficial antioxidants and other plant-based bioactive compounds to your diet. 

Apple cider vinegar

Enjoyed hot or cold before breakfast, lemon water has surprising benefits that may help you lose belly fat. 

Raw vegetable juice

Juicing vegetables is a great way to slim down while getting a boost of beneficial nutrients in your diet. 

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